Name: host-stats
Description: library to gather stats on running system (cpu, memory, ...).
Author: Julien Ammous

Name: mruby-allegro
Description: mruby binding to Allegro 5
Author: cremno

Name: mruby-allocate
Description: Class allocate
Author: ppibburr

Name: mruby-arduino
Description: Arduino binding
Author: kyab

Name: mruby-audite
Description: Portable MP3 Player based on libmp123 and portaudio
Author: Matthias Georgi

Name: mruby-avl
Description: Avl Tree implementation
Author: randym

Name: mruby-aws-s3
Description: Client library for Amazon's (AWS) S3 REST API
Author: iij

Name: mruby-backtrace
Description: Display backtrace
Author: crimsonwoods

Name: mruby-base58
Description: Base58 Encoder/Decoder
Author: h2so5

Name: mruby-base64
Description: Base64 Encoder/Decoder
Author: mattn

Name: mruby-irb-mirb-hostbased
Description: Hostbased mirb for serial connection
Author: kyab

Name: mruby-cache
Description: mruby inter process share memory cache
Author: charlescui

Name: mruby-capability
Description: Linux Capability Binding
Author: MATSUMOTO Ryosuke

Name: mruby-cfunc
Description: Interface to C functions based on libffi.
Author: Yuichiro MASUI

Name: mruby-cgroup
Description: cgroup binding
Author: MATSUMOTO Ryosuke

Name: mruby-clang-plugin
Description: clang plugin to check mruby API call mistakes.
Author: Takeshi Watanabe

Name: mruby-cocoa
Description: Interface to Cocoa based on Objective-C Runtime and mruby-cfunc.
Author: Yuichiro MASUI

Name: mruby-config
Description: With mruby we continuously switching between Ruby and C code. mruby-config gives you an easy way to maintain configuration values on both sides.
Author: MATSUMOTO Ryosuke

Name: mruby-criu
Description: CRIU, Checkpoint Restart In Userspace for Linux, class
Author: MATSUMOTO Ryosuke

Name: mruby-curl
Description: CURL HTTP Client
Author: mattn

Name: mruby-digest
Description: MD5, RMD160, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512 and HMAC Digests.
Author: Internet Initiative Japan., Inc.

Name: mruby-dir
Description: Dir Class
Author: Internet Initiative Japan., Inc.

Name: mruby-discount
Description: html generater from markdown using discount
Author: MATSUMOTO Ryosuke

Name: mruby-dll
Description: DLL Windows Support
Author: mattn

Name: mruby-eject
Description: Eject CD-ROM
Author: mattn

Name: mruby-env
Description: ENV class implementation
Author: iij

Name: mruby-errno
Description: Errno module
Author: iij

Name: mruby-file-stat
Description: File::Stat class implementation
Author: ksss

Name: mruby-fltk3
Description: FLTK3 GUI binding.
Author: mattn

Name: mruby-fluent-logger
Description: A structured logger for Fluentd.
Author: Kentaro Yoshida

Name: mruby-getoptlong
Description: An almost straight mruby port of Ruby's GetoptLong
Author: Sergio Rubio

Name: mruby-girffi-docgen
Description: Generates YARD docuemntation for bindings generated by mruby-girffi
Author: ppibburr

Name: mruby-girffi
Description: GObjectIntrospection bindings that dynamically bind GLib based libraries. ie, GLib,Gtk,WebKit ...
Author: ppibburr

Name: mruby-gles
Description: OpenGL ES 2.0 binding
Author: xxuejie

Name: mruby-glfw3
Description: GLFW3 binding
Author: Takeshi Watanabe

Name: mruby-glib2
Description: Bindings to GLib 2.x. uses mruby-girffi
Author: ppibburr

Name: mruby-gntp
Description: Growl Notification Transfer Protocol
Author: mattn

Name: mruby-gobject-introspection
Description: bindings to GobjectIntropsection (libgirepository)
Author: ppibburr

Name: mruby-gobject
Description: Bindings to GObject. uses mruby-girffi
Author: ppibburr

Name: mruby-growthforecast
Description: GrowthForecast client class
Author: MATSUMOTO Ryosuke

Name: mruby-gtk2
Description: Bindings to Gtk2. uses mruby-girffi
Author: ppibburr

Name: mruby-gtk3
Description: Bindings to Gtk3. uses mruby-girffi
Author: ppibburr

Name: mruby-hs-regexp
Description: Light-weight Henry Spencer's Regular Expression
Author: Masamitsu MURASE

Name: mruby-http
Description: HTTP Parser
Author: mattn

Name: mruby-http2
Description: HTTP2 module for mruby
Author: MATSUMOTO Ryosuke

Name: mruby-httprequest
Description: create http request class
Author: MATSUMOTO Ryosuke

Name: mruby-iconv
Description: libiconv interface
Author: mattn

Name: mruby-iijson
Description: JSON parser and generator
Author: iij

Name: mruby-io
Description: IO, File class implementation
Author: iij

Name: mruby-ipaddr
Description: IPAddr class
Author: iij

Name: mruby-ipvs
Description: interface to IP Virtual Server (IPVS) for mruby
Author: YOSHIKAWA Ryota

Name: mruby-javascriptcore
Description: bindings to an from JavaScript for JavaScriptCore from WebKitGTK
Author: ppibburr

Name: mruby-jpeg
Description: JPeg library
Author: Carson McDonald

Name: mruby-json
Description: JavaScript Object Notation
Author: mattn

Name: mruby-kmp
Description: KMP searching algorithm in mruby
Author: santazhang

Name: mruby-leapmotion
Description: Providing wrapper classes for Leap Motion SDK.
Author: crimsonwoods

Name: mruby-leveldb
Description: mruby LevelDB binding
Author: Takeshi Watanabe

Name: mruby-libqrng
Description: libQRNG interface
Author: cremno

Name: mruby-limits
Description: Const collection of limits.h
Author: ksss

Name: mruby-markdown
Description: Markdown library
Author: Carson McDonald

Name: mruby-marshal
Description: Marshal module for mruby
Author: Takeshi Watanabe

Name: mruby-md5
Description: MD5 Hash Alghorithm
Author: mattn

Name: mruby-mecab
Description: Japanese morphological analyzer
Author: mattn

Name: mruby-memcached
Description: libmemcached bindings by mruby
Author: MATSUMOTO Ryosuke

Name: mruby-merb
Description: ERB-like mruby gem
Author: pbosetti

Name: mruby-minigame
Description: 2D Game Framework for rapid prototyping
Author: bggd

Name: mruby-mod-mruby-ext
Description: Extended Apache class
Author: MATSUMOTO Ryosuke

Name: mruby-mrbgem-template
Description: Generate mrbgem template
Author: MATSUMOTO Ryosuke

Name: mruby-msagent
Description: Microsoft Agent
Author: mattn

Name: mruby-msgpack
Description: MessagePack for mruby.
Author: Jun Hiroe

Name: mruby-mtest
Description: Minimum Test Framework
Author: Internet Initiative Japan., Inc.

Name: mruby-murmurhash1
Description: Murmurhash1 digest
Author: ksss

Name: mruby-murmurhash2
Description: Murmurhash2 digest
Author: ksss

Name: mruby-mysql
Description: MySQL Database
Author: mattn

Name: mruby-named-constants
Description: Allows dynamically defined constants of (Class|Module) to return the constant name when inspected
Author: ppibburr

Name: mruby-netlink
Description: libnetlink binding
Author: MATSUMOTO Ryosuke

Name: mruby-ngx-mruby-ext
Description: Nginx ext class
Author: MATSUMOTO Ryosuke

Name: mruby-oauth
Description: OAuth class
Author: MATSUMOTO Ryosuke

Name: mruby-onig-regexp
Description: Oniguruma Regular Expression
Author: mattn

Name: mruby-ostruct
Description: OpenStruct binding in mruby
Author: ksss

Name: mruby-pack
Description: Array#pack implementation
Author: Internet Initiative Japan., Inc.

Name: mruby-pcre-regexp
Description: PCRE - Perl Compatible Regular Expressions
Author: mattn

Name: mruby-pid
Description: A PID algorithm library based on Temper
Author: Andrew Nordman

Name: mruby-ping
Description: ping hosts using ICMP or ARP packets.
Author: Julien Ammous

Name: mruby-pjson
Description: JSON Parser written in pure mruby
Author: mattn

Name: mruby-polarssl
Description: SSL and cryptography functionality from PolarSSL in your mruby programs
Author: luisbebop

Name: mruby-process
Description: Process interface (waitpid, pid, kill, fork, ppid)
Author: Internet Initiative Japan., Inc.

Name: mruby-random
Description: random class with Mersenne Twister
Author: MATSUMOTO Ryosuke

Name: mruby-redis
Description: redis client using hiredis
Author: MATSUMOTO Ryosuke

Name: mruby-regexp-pcre
Description: regular expression module utilizing PCRE library
Author: iij

Name: mruby-require
Description: require implementation
Author: mattn

Name: mruby-rubyffi-compat
Description: rubyffi compatibility layer on top of mruby-cfunc.
Author: Julien Ammous, ppibburr

Name: mruby-serialport
Description: Serialport support
Author: Monami-ya LLC, Japan

Name: mruby-sha1
Description: SHA1 Hash Alghorithm
Author: mattn

Name: mruby-sha2
Description: SHA2 Hash Algorithm
Author: h2so5

Name: mruby-simple-random
Description: Kernel#rand and Kernel#srand
Author: Internet Initiative Japan., Inc.

Name: mruby-simplehttp-socket
Description: Simple http client using mruby-socket
Author: Kentaro Yoshida, Internet Initiative Japan Inc.

Name: mruby-simplehttp
Description: Simple http client
Author: MATSUMOTO Ryosuke

Name: mruby-simplehttpserver
Description: SimpleHttpServer class
Author: MATSUMOTO Ryosuke

Name: mruby-sinatic
Description: Sinatra like Web Framework
Author: mattn

Name: mruby-singleton
Description: Singleton module in mruby
Author: ksss

Name: mruby-siphash
Description: Message digest by SipHash
Author: ksss

Name: mruby-sleep
Description: Sleep Module
Author: MATSUMOTO Ryosuke

Name: mruby-socket
Description: Socket library for mruby
Author: iij

Name: mruby-spdy
Description: SPDY module for mruby
Author: MATSUMOTO Ryosuke

Name: mruby-sqlite3
Description: SQLite3 Database
Author: mattn

Name: mruby-syslog
Description: Syslog binding
Author: iij

Name: mruby-tempfile
Description: Tempfile class
Author: iij

Name: mruby-thread
Description: Thread Library
Author: mattn

Name: mruby-tinymt
Description: random module using TinyMT
Author: MATSUMOTO Ryosuke

Name: mruby-tinyxml2
Description: mruby bindings for TinyXML-2
Author: h2so5

Name: mruby-uname
Description: Uname class
Author: MATSUMOTO Ryosuke

Name: mruby-updategems
Description: Rake task to update GEMs
Author: mattn

Name: mruby-userdata
Description: When shared mrb_state, you can share userdata objects between one Ruby code and the other.
Author: MATSUMOTO Ryosuke

Name: mruby-uv
Description: libuv interface
Author: mattn

Name: mruby-v8
Description: V8 JavaScript Engine
Author: mattn

Name: mruby-vedis
Description: vedis binding
Author: MATSUMOTO Ryosuke

Name: mruby-webkit-1
Description: Bindings to WebKitGTK-1.x. uses mruby-girffi
Author: ppibburr

Name: mruby-webkit-3
Description: Bindings to WebKitGTK-3.x. uses mruby-girffi
Author: ppibburr

Name: mruby-winapp
Description: Create non-console application for windows
Author: mattn

Name: mruby-WiringPi
Description: Binding for Wiring function of the Raspberry Pi
Author: Akira Yumiyama

Name: mruby-yaml
Description: YAML parser and emitter
Author: Andrew Belt

Name: mruby-zabbix
Description: zabbix 2.0 API client class
Author: MATSUMOTO Ryosuke

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